This session is organized as part of the project NOTRE (Network for Social Computing Research – http://notre.socialcomputing.eu/). The NOTRE project is a 3-year project funded by Horizon 2020 Twinning programme – TWINN – 2015.

The session aims to cover the multidisciplinarity of Social Computing area, addressing to several fields like:

  • Big data Technology, Natural Language Processing and data visualization
  • Computer graphics, Computer animations and Virtual Worlds, Entertainment, Games, Virtual Reality and Educational Technologies
  • Social Computing for social exclusion/inclusion
  • Social computing and social change
  • Online Social Networks and their Analysis

Maria Christofi (from SCRC/GET Lab) and Eva Baka (MIRALab, University of Geneva) will chair the event.

Researchers in the field of social computing who would like to give a talk to this session can send a mail to Eva Barka (ebaka@miralab.ch)